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   anyone fishing today? blue666uk007:35blue666uk
   Headers & Cats = Best Thing Ever. Period. blue666uk1107:34blue666uk
   Xmas came early.... Mr C v8707:34jameshsv
   VXR8 with Walkinshaw - drone :-( SteveMJ1107:26paulmacvxr8
 Hot topic  What muscle car would you buy next?   [1 2]ArnieVXR3007:06After_Shock
   Yellow Liquid & Garage Condensation throwyourbike1505:53hidetheelephants
   LS3 Heads S800VXR16Yesterday (23:40)gsd2000
   VXR8 - Kaaz diff jhinchy1Yesterday (22:27)gsd2000
 Hot topic  Anyone here believe in "Global warming" and feel guilty?   [1 2 3]MyM8V846Yesterday (22:06)granada203028
 Hot topic  Ringram gone a month   [1 2]M11 MFP25Yesterday (22:03)raving
  another one lost - Holden Ute breaking on ebay  preciousmetal7Yesterday (21:48)raving
  Top service from Neil@NJW autocare! GaryNoGrip14Yesterday (20:42)neiljohnson
 Hot topic BBQ at 2:30 am - Just keeps on rolling   [1 2 3 ... 116 117 118]eybic2354Yesterday (20:13)stigmundfreud
   Outright performance tyre  chrisgixer16Yesterday (19:06)stevieturbo
   SPOTTED: Black VXR8 on the M6 TheLostProphet0Yesterday (18:20)TheLostProphet
   New tyres fitted today BUCKLE vxgts3Yesterday (12:19)SteveMJ
 Hot topic  Winter tyres fitted today   [1 2 3]Sohlman51Yesterday (12:19)SteveMJ
   Spotted - White R8 with stripes at Picador bobfredstinker0Yesterday (11:25)bobfredstinker
   Any of the South West guys around Plymouth Mon/Tues? karl_h0Yesterday (09:31)karl_h
   Stupid fuel tank relocation stedale16Yesterday (09:23)karl_h

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